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The first and most crucial stage in a successful hiring process is creating a compelling job...

The first and most crucial stage in a successful hiring process is creating a compelling job description that will sell the vacancy to talent teams and candidates alike.

Job descriptions inform the entire talent search process. So, what is the best way to approach writing job descriptions? 

This guide will equip you with all of the resources you need to write strong job descriptions

Our expert employment consultants have put together the following resources to help employers write good job descriptions. Read on to receive: 

  • Our simple “funnel” to form the structure of your job descriptions 
  • A job description template word doc that is editable and customizable to your organization 
  • The opportunity to contact our expert employment consultants for assistance in writing your job descriptions 

What is a job description? 

A job description is a written document that details a vacancy’s responsibilities, expectations and goals. The job description will be used to inform internal and external talent teams about the vacancy, and so should be viewed as a summary of the entire role. 

It's important not to confuse job descriptions with job adverts. Job adverts are crafted to attract individuals to apply for the position, highlighting specific details to attract more applications. Meanwhile, job descriptions should not emit any detail. In fact, job descriptions should be used to write job adverts. 

Why is a job description important to your talent search? 

A good job description will allow organizations to identify the right talent for their open vacancies. The direction of the entire recruitment process is detemined by the job description, allowing employers to: 

  • Create informative and attractive job adverts 
  • Exaplain and sell the position to employment consultants 
  • Inform coworkers of the duties of the new hire 

Because of this, it’s critical that your job descriptions cover all responsibilities of the position and the ideal candidate profile. 

Our guide to writing a job description 

Throughout their careers, our specialized employment consultants have reviewed thousands of job descriptions. They have seen the very best and very worst job descriptions and experienced how it has impacted the talent search.  

Our employment consultants have created this easy-to-use “funnel” structure for employers to craft effective job descriptions.  

By using this funnel to write your job descriptions, you’ll cover all of the essential components of a job description. Starting with the big picture before diving into the specifics of the role.  

A good job description consists of six components: 

  1. Introduce the company 
  2. Summary of the team 
  3. Summary of the job 
  4. Role’s responsibilities  
  5. Requirements for the role 
  6. Benefits and compensation package*

Click here to download a free PDF of our comprehensive guide to receive more information for each step. 

The objective of each segment is explained here, along with tips on how to write each section for maximum impact and example questions to think about as you write. 

*Remember: Due to the Salary Transparency Laws across the United States, job adverts must include salary information. Make sure to include this information in your job description so that talent teams are fully informed and equipped to advertise the role. 

For more support, download our job description template word doc 

Our employment consultants have created a job description template that hiring managers can customize to their company’s needs. Allowing employers to start their talent search off on the right foot.  

Regardless of whether you’re hiring for marketing jobs or product jobs, you can customize this job description template to suit your hiring requirements. 

Here is a link to our job description template word doc

Speak to our expert employment consultants 

Get in touch with our recruitment consultants for further in-depth assistance with creating your job descriptions.  

Contact Oliver Amos for marketing jobs at

Contact Owen Dearn for product jobs at

Five final tips for writing job descriptions 

To wrap up our guide to writing job descriptions, we thought we’d leave you with some final tips to consider while writing your job descriptions: 

  1. Stay away from internal jargon 
  2. Review for discriminatory language 
  3. Focus on honesty 
  4. Keep it brief 
  5. Make it interesting 

These pointers will improve your job descriptions, making sure you attract the very best candidates. 

1. Stay away from internal jargon 

Keep in mind that internal and external teams will view this document. As a result, it’s important to avoid using words and phrases that are commonly used within the team and wider organization.  

Using simple language will ensure that anyone who reads the job description, whether they are a part of your business or not, can understand what you’re communicating. 

2. Review for discriminatory language 

Did you know that some words or phrases may discourage certain people from applying to your role?  

Those belonging to under-represented groups can often feel isolated by some of the language used in job descriptions, so it’s important to be aware of what discriminatory language can look like and if you’re using it in your job descriptions.  

The following resources can assist you in removing discriminatory wording from your job descriptions: 

  • Gender Decoder, Katmatfield 
  • The Gender Decoder, Applied  
  • Language Analytics, Datapeople 

3. Focus on honesty 

In order to attract the best candidates for the position, it’s imperative to make your job description as honest as you can.  

By being truthful in the early stages of your talent search, you can be sure that the ideal candidate will have a complete understanding of the role and be engaged in the recruitment process from the very first conversation. 

4. Keep it brief 

A job description must be simple. Like a resume, the document shouldn’t be more than two pages long. 

5. Make it interesting  

Ensuring that the job description is interesting is key to selling the position to internal talent teams, employment consultants and potential candidates.  

Talent Partners will find it difficult to sell the job if the hiring managers cannot make it sound interesting. 

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Having downloaded our job description template word doc, you should now be ready to write your own job descriptions and begin the hiring process. 

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