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This digital world is constantly changing. To ensure your business is reactive, it’s essential to always be looking to upgrade, renew and broaden your marketing and product capabilities. Employing people on a temporary basis is a terrific way to ensure that your teams have access to the most recent training, resources and knowledge. 

The benefits of temporary staffing

Your marketing and product teams can be significantly boosted by employing talent on a fixed-term contract basis. Starting a new project that can utilize specialized knowledge for a brief period of time? Need to relieve pressure from your teams in a particularly busy period? 

These questions and more can be resolved by hiring contractors.

Ultimately, temporary staffing is an affordable solution when you need to gain quick access to specialized expertise and abilities.

W-2 Contractors

At 3Search, we partner with the largest specialist employment agency in North America to source temporary talent for the companies we work with. W-2 Contractors are employed by this agency and work independently on behalf of the company they are employed by, acting as an extension of their permanent team.

Hiring W-2 contractors give access to skill sets and knowledge for project-based work. These individuals are deliverable at an all-in hourly rate, defined by you, as the employer with no extra commitment to provide pension, healthcare or other benefits. This is all taken care of by us and the agency.

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