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Leading the growth and development of marketing and product teams 

3Search Executive is our specialist search service, sourcing marketing and product leaders and connecting them with exciting, high-growth businesses.


Finding the right leadership for your business

Having recruited senior leaders across marketing and product for over a decade, we have developed our search process to balance the speed of delivery and the depth of search required for the modern Executive Search market.

Our executive search strategy

There shouldn’t be a standardized approach to recruitment. Since every company experience growth in a different way, it’s crucial for us to adapt our strategy to fit the individual needs of the companies we partner with. Each search process is tailored by 3Search Executive, providing a unique experience to each and every one of our clients. 

We understand each customer’s brief and collaborate with them to develop a solution that meets their needs.

First, we collaborate closely with you to comprehend your unique requirements. This will enable us to select the right executive search strategy to help you accomplish your objectives quickly and efficiently. 

Then, for each project, we will develop a contractual timeline commitment. We understand that a major source of dissatisfaction for many hiring managers when working with agencies is either not knowing when they would receive a shortlist or receiving promises that aren’t kept. 

Each of our clients have a specific timeline, detailing when... 

  • They will receive a shortlist 
  • A schedule for conducting interviews 
  • The procedure will successfully close 

Along with headhunting passive talent, we will make use of all advantageous routes to market. To source the best candidates, we will advertise the role (at our expense) and make use of our vast networks. 

We can search deeper and move quicker than other search firms thanks to our significant knowledge in marketing, digital, and product. Due to our excellent reputation, many candidates already trust us, so they are much more willing to speak with us and suggest other qualified candidates if the role is not suitable to them. 

We'll arrange weekly meetings with you to provide an update on our work and progress and during the search process, where we’ll... 

  • Present longlisted candidates who have expressed interest 
  • Hear your feedback and build it into the search process 
  • Detail the target audience’s reaction to the job role and your employer brand proposition

We are responsible for the caliber of our shortlists.  

Therefore, we will provide a thorough shortlist evaluation that ensures the success of the rest of the interview process. In addition to a recommended shortlist of 4-6 applicants, you will have full visibility of all longlisted candidates. 

We'll discuss our analysis of the interview process for each shortlisted candidate, covering... 

  • Career accomplishments 
  • Current professional situation 
  • Why they’re interested in your brief 
  • Current compensation and expectations 
  • Flexible working requirements 
  • Any constructive criticism we’d recommend you assess in your interview 
  • A complete transparent breakdown of any other processes they’re engaged in

We are best equipped to guide you through the negotiation and offer stage, including the most recent information on pay, benefits, and flexible working. 

Our network of marketing, digital and product specialists puts 3Search Executive in a unique position to take advantage of the daily market feedback we receive. This feedback allows us to make sure that our clients present the best offers to their top candidates, lowering the possibility of a bidding war or counteroffers.

Our Executive Search team

Our executive search consultants are experts in their fields. We are able to recognize talent that non-specialist search firms wouldn’t because of our extensive market knowledge. Additionally, because we know and understand our audience, we have a far better chance of piquing their interest and engaging them for your open role.

3Search Executive is a more effective choice than a standard executive search firm because our recruiters are actively mapping the market every day. We are constantly identifying and engaging modern marketing and product leaders who are already reshaping, disrupting, and developing sectors. As a result, we are able to create excellent shortlists much more quickly.

Olly is the best recruiter I've ever worked with. He is thorough, thoughtful, and utterly responsive despite time zone differences. I am looking forward to working with Olly from the hiring manager's side to fill open headcount in the near future.
Tina Tang Director of Global Innovation Brand, Marketing & Communications

Working with 3Search Executive

We request companies to commit a project fee when working with 3Search Executive. 

Working with us on a retained basis means that we can thoroughly scour the market for your marketing and product leadership. By committing a project fee, our executive search headhunters can carry out the procedures needed to source the best personnel to oversee your marketing and product teams. Sourcing marketing and product leaders who match your culture, have the necessary experience and desire to help your company flourish.

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