The International WELL Building Institute

Based in New York, The International WELL Building Institute is leading an international movement to transform health and well-being in buildings, organizations and communities across the globe. Taking a people-first approach to business decision-making and culture. 

Our work with The IWBI

Due to their rapid growth plans, The IWBI needed to scale their business and headcount quickly. As part of this, they were searching for a Digital Media Producer. The process had already taken over 4 months when they got in touch with 3Search, having already tried to hire the role directly as well as through one external agency without any success.  

3Search’s Andrew Stoves, had an exploratory conversation with the line manager, which led to us partnering with The IWBI on a number of roles that they had been struggling with. Overall, we supported the business in finding 7 new hires, including... 

  • Digital Media Producer 
  • Social Media Manager 
  • Content Marketing Manager 
  • Communications Manager 
  • Senior Communications Manager 
  • Marketing Coordinator 
  • Product Marketing Manager 

Searching for a specific skill set

The role required a very specific skill set. The IWBI needed a candidate who had experience in producing podcasts and webinars, as well as the right project management skills - ideally within the health and wellbeing or education space.  

Understanding the time restrictions, Andrew moved quickly to find three candidates who fit The IWBI’s specific brief. At the final stage, there were three candidates all of whom were so fitting that it was tricky for the client to make a decision.  


Hiring the entire shortlist?

To make that final decision, the three candidates were asked to complete a task. However, The IWBI continued to assert that they could have easily hired all three if their budget and needs allowed. 

One of the unsuccessful candidates decided to interview for another role within the business. Whilst unfortunately they didn’t have enough PR experience for the Communications Manager role, The IWBI asked them to stay in touch. They’re recruiting another role in Q2 which they believe will suit their skillset better. 


We look forward to continuing to support The International WELL Building Institute on their talent sourcing needs.

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