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Our specialist recruiters can find you the talent to design, manage and market your unique product.

Searching for talent to build, manage, design and market your products? Our specialist product recruiters can support your talent search. Whether you're looking for a new Chief Product Officer, Product Design Lead or Product Marketing Manager, our headhunters deliver the best recruitment experience you will ever have.

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Our expert recruiters have in-depth expertise of the product market. The team are committed to strengthening their depth of knowledge by attending conferences, workshops and meetups. With their broad experience, our team have formed partnerships with start-ups, SMEs, worldwide scaling organizations, and more to assist them in identifying the people they require to expand their businesses. 

We customize each of our recruitment processes to meet your unique goals. In order to identify top product talent, we collaborate with you, comprehend your culture and listen to your needs. Get in contact with one of our specialist headhunters to learn more about how we can support your product talent search.

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Product roles we support with

  • Product Owner
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Product Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Product Lead
  • Product Director
  • VP Product

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"Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers." – Seth Godin

The success of many businesses depends heavily on product management. We at 3Search, are committed to establishing and growing successful product management teams that will transform the company and boost its performance.

The phrase 'product-led growth' was first coined in 2017. Since then, as the field has become more specialized, there has been a steady rise in the need for Product Leaders. Product-driven businesses have had an average revenue increase of 13%. As a result, we’re witnessing an increase in the number of companies looking to hire CPOs and Product Leaders to maintain this trend.

To achieve your product roadmap, our team recognizes the need for building a high-performing product department. With specialists in product management, product design and product marketing, our headhunters have wide networks to find the right talent for you. 

With organizations continuing to expand and invest in their product teams, it's important to make sure you stay ahead of the curve and build a successful product team.

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