Natterbox is a telecommunications business, that’s embedded and managed inside Salesforce. They help Salesforce customers to personalize their caller journeys for improved customer service and boost productivity.

Our work with Natterbox

We first started working with Natterbox in 2017, when they needed support growing their marketing team based in the UK. Due to our strong partnership with the business and the level of support we had provided them in growing their UK team, Natterbox asked for our support with developing their team in America, too.  

So far, we have placed five roles into their US team, including... 

  • VP of Marketing 
  • Demand Generation Manager 
  • Content Manager 
  • Visual Designer 
  • Product Marketing Manager 

Identifying senior leaders 

Despite Natterbox being a UK-based company, their growth strategy at the time was focused on the US. As a result, they were searching for a VP of Marketing based in America to lead their expansion.  

Due to the company's nature, the business was searching for someone with very specific requirements, which is why they chose to engage 3Search as a specialist recruitment agency. It was important for the successful candidate to have experience and knowledge working within the Salesforce ecosystem, as well as someone who was demand gen orientated. Plus, as the person would go on to build a team underneath them, it was important for them to have had experience in developing teams in the past. 


Building the rest of the team 

The successful candidate was Chris Martin, who we have then gone on to support in building and developing the rest of Natterbox’s US marketing department.

While our team is based in London, we were able to successfully support Chris in growing his team thanks to our recruit-from-afar processes. Our specialized headhunters are in the best possible position to search the market and source the talent that Natterbox needed to continue growing their American team. Find out more about our talent sourcing methodologies here.


We're really excited to have been able to support Natterbox in both America and the UK and we look forward to continuing to support their growth around the world.

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