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Marketing Director

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Hi, I'm Catherine Henderson and I'm 3Search's Marketing Director. 

I'm responsible for building and developing the marketing strategy for the business in line with our growth objectives. From brand development, to building websites, to managing the team and creating content like these team profiles.

I've specialised in recruitment marketing for over a decade now and have worked in a global corporate and a small boutique. I've witnessed a lot of changes in the industry, including digital transformation and the increase in more marketing-driven businesses, which has been great to see. 


“I enjoy being at the coalface of the economy and the world of work.”

I love the recruitment industry because I enjoy being at the coalface of the economy and the world of work. Marketing for recruitment poses lots of challenges which make it quite unique and extremely varied - no two days are ever the same.

It's very fulfilling to be part of a service that helps businesses to grow and to offer candidates career advice. I'm often my friends' and families go to person for their career management, and it's really fulfilling to create content that offers that advice. 

 Moreover, I love working for 3Search because it's a great company that genuinely cares about their customers and employees. To work in an environment that is perfectly balanced between ambitious and supportive is really special. I wouldn't be anywhere else.

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