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CRM roles are no longer considered a support function but are now considered key revenue drivers for businesses. As a result, there is a growing need for CRM Managers and Heads of CRM to support customer marketing growth. Your unique skillsets can be utilized to lead and develop customer marketing teams, and ultimately maximize opportunities with businesses’ customer base. 

Expert CRM headhunters

Since our inception, we have been developing our specialized CRM recruitment skills. Our expert CRM headhunters have an unrivalled understanding of your field. 

Our team has built partnerships with a variety of businesses across a range of industries. As a result, they have built extensive experience in assisting companies with sourcing the right talent to expand their customer marketing opportunities. By working with us, we can put you in touch with a variety of unique CRM vacancies. 

Each of our talent sourcing processes are customized to your unique needs and career goals. This allows our customer marketing recruiters to match you to a position that perfectly matches your skill set and personal and professional goals. We aim to find you the opportunity to advance and develop your career. You can rely on us to help you find your next CRM job.

Due to their higher likelihood of becoming repeat customers, businesses are discovering more ways to market to their existing customer bases. The number of CRM jobs have increased significantly as a result of this change in marketing tactics.  

We're seeing increased demand for every area of customer marketing. With companies taking into account every step of the customer’s journey, there are more CRM vacancies available than ever before, including those in marketing automation, customer value marketing, and lifecycle marketing. 

If you’ve been thinking of switching to a new CRM position, now might be the best moment to do it as employers compete for the best personnel by offering competitive compensation packages.

Are you looking for your next CRM job?

No matter what your professional and personal goals are, we can help. From customer marketing and engagement to lifecycle and retention marketing, we have a wide range of jobs available at all levels. So, no matter where your customer marketing expertise lie, we’ve got you covered. 

How we can help you with your customer marketing and CRM job search

At 3Search, we take great pride in our ability to place you in a role where you will thrive. Unlike other digital marketing staffing agencies, we are not only interested in filling our quota of roles. Instead, we focus on you. We aim to promote your professional and personal development by placing you in the ideal CRM job to advance your skills and reach your aspirations. 

We recognize how the past two years have significantly changed the working environment. We have a wide range of open CRM vacancies available, all of which offer a variety of benefits, including flexible working hours. Whether you like working from home, being based in the office or enjoying a mixture of flexible working, we have opportunities for you.

Our four key company principles – ambition, kindness, enthusiasm and respect, guide our specialized CRM recruiters in their work. Regardless of the position applicants are searching for, we treat everyone equally. The countless repeat clients and candidates who continue to engage with us at various stages of their journeys are proof that our human approach to recruitment enables us to give the best recruitment experience you will ever have. 

Get in touch if you’re unsure of where your customer marketing career should go next, or if you’d simply like to chat with a CRM recruiter that you can rely on.

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