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Our recruitment specialists cover all facets of the marketing and digital scope, partnering with a wide range of companies across various marketing roles. So, whether you would prefer a marketing position at a Fortune 500 firm or have the desire to grow within a start-up, we can find the perfect position for you.

Marketing recruitment with added values

Our beliefs at 3Search set us apart from other marketing recruitment agencies. Since the very beginning, all of our talent sourcing efforts have been firmly based on our four core values; ambition, kindness, enthusiasm and respect. We're proud to say we work in the exact same manner today and will continue to do so as 3Search grows further. 

We sincerely believe that every applicant, in any role, should be treated with the same degree of courtesy and respect at every stage of the hiring process. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the candidates we place return to us at various points in their marketing careers.

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  • Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Manager
  • Head of Marketing
  • Chief Marketing Officer

We have an extensive history of placing people at all levels, from graduates to CMOs, and we continue to modify our talent sourcing procedures to meet your requirements. You can count on us to find your ideal marketing position, whether you’re seeking a vacancy in brand or product marketing, social media, email marketing or customer marketing.

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Flexible working is the biggest trend in marketing recruitment

A real war for talent has formed as we move through the post-pandemic period, so it’s crucial to get your compensation package right in order to attract top talent. The pandemic had a significant impact on the way we work. Candidates are seeking a benefits package that is competitive and has a focus on remote and flexible working. 

The popularity of hybrid working is clear with 87% of Americans choosing to work flexibly when the opportunity arises. At 3Search, we understand what is important to you and will work to find you a marketing position that enables you to achieve your goals whether that means working from home to spend more time with your family or working flexible hours to manage your personal life.  

Are you browsing marketing vacancies? Let us take over the leg work. 

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Over the past few years, we have seen organizations strive to better understand their customers, communicate with them in ways that are more relevant to their needs, and ultimately increase revenue. This customer-centric revolution has seen a huge increase in demand for marketers. Talent who are knowledgable about digital marketing, Facebook marketing, affiliate marketing and search engine optimization, just to name a few.

The shifting landscape of marketing jobs

A customer-centric revolution has taken place over the past five to ten years as organizations strive to better understand their customers, communicate with them in ways that are relevant to their needs, and ultimately boost their revenue. Because of this, there is a huge demand for people with knowledge and skillsets in digital marketing, TikTok marketing, affiliate marketing and SEO – just to name a few. 

Moreover, the “great resignation” has also impacted marketing recruitment, increasing the total number of predicted marketing jobs by 10% by 2030. 

Some of the most sought-after jobs today are: 

  • Marketing Managers 
  • Marketing Specialists 
  • Social Media Managers 
  • Digital Marketing Specialists 
  • Digital Marketing Managers 

Our specialist headhunters stay up to date with the changes in the marketing recruitment market, so you don't have to. We take the time to fully comprehend each candidate’s unique personal and professional objectives, in order to match you with the role that best suits your plans and skillset. 

Likewise, it’s critical for firms to act promptly and provide the appropriate compensation given that the majority of candidates are participating in multiple interview processes at once. Working with us will grant you access to top talent on the market. 

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