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Searching for a new position in product marketing? We can help. Due to their experience in partnering with top technology companies, our expert employment professionals possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help you secure your new product marketing position. Whether you want to work in an office with like-minded co-workers or prefer a hybrid employment opportunity in product marketing, we can help you.

Are you looking for a job in product marketing? Let us assist.

We have a track record of placing excellent talent in product marketing roles at all levels, from Product Marketing Executive to Head of Product Marketing. We accomplish this by tailoring our hiring procedures to your needs, placing you in a position that makes the most of your skill set and enables you to thrive, succeed and grow. 

Looking for a product marketing job that gives you the opportunity to work on innovative marketing campaigns? You can trust us to find your ideal product marketing job role. 

Product Marketers are highly sought-after

We're working with a number of leading firms as they launch new, exciting products and require top product marketing professionals to support these launches and generate demand. Product Marketers are essential to the creation and introduction of new products. Whether your supporting medical improvements, new investment opportunities or changing the face of legal, your unique skill set is highly sought after to assist with new technological advancements and app releases across a number of industries. 

As a Product Marketing Manager, it is your responsibility to use your in-depth knowledge of both your target market and your product to develop effective messaging and positioning that will increase sales. To connect with your consumer base, you should be commercially minded and empathetic in order to best support the company as a Product Marketing Manager. You must be able to recognize, evaluate and target the demands of your buyer personas in order to effectively position your product in the market and create winning product marketing campaigns.

Product marketers oversee the introduction and implementation of product and marketing plans. The skill set serves as the foundation for a company’s sales, marketing and product teams, working in tandem with each to increase profitability. Securing the right product talent is crucial to business success and growth as the skill set plays such a big role in the organization’s output. By working with our expert employment professionals, you can be guaranteed to hire the best product marketing professionals the first time. 

The career prospects for product marketers are innumerable, with clear career path possibilities due to the high demand for product marketing expertise. Key skills required for career development include:  

  • Relationship development 
  • Messaging and communication 
  • Stakeholder management 
  • Analytical thinking 
  • Empathy 


The importance of product marketing departments is only expected to increase as more businesses adopt a more product-driven strategy. As organizations prioritize meeting customer needs above all else, understanding your consumers’ needs, wants, and desires is becoming more important for all businesses decisions. Speak to a member of our expert recruitment team right away to learn more about options for your next career move. 

You can rely on us for your product marketing recruitment needs

Our ideals set us apart from other marketing recruitment companies. At 3Search, our core values – ambition, kindness, enthusiasm and respect – guide everything we do. No matter the role that  you’re applying for, we treat every candidate with the same degree of care and respect, and we firmly believe that this has contributed significantly to our success. It's therefore not surprising that applicants come back to work with us again at different points in their marketing careers.

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