A Big Four Organization

The Big Four are the four biggest professional services firms in the world.

Our work with this business

We have been closely partnering with this particular business since 2018. Having first started working with the company in the UK, we have successfully sourced a number of marketing roles for the business and are continuing our successful partnership with them in the US. So far, we have placed 10 candidates into their American teams, including... 

  • Global Marketing Director
  • Global Marketing Leader
  • Global Communications Lead
  • Global Brand Leader

How we have supported multiple teams in the business

Our specialist marketing headhunter, Oliver Amos, has partnered closely with this business for a number of years. Throughout his time sourcing marketing talent for the organization, Oliver has worked with a range of different teams and specific hiring managers.

For this global organisation, engaging a specialist recruiter was important to sourcing the best possible marketing talent. Thanks to his deep understanding of the marketing skill sets and the professional services industry, Oliver was able to advise each hiring manager on the candidate profiles they should be searching for in order to offer the best support to their clients.

Having taken the time to understand each team’s unique requirements, Oliver was able to leverage his extensive marketing network to deliver excellent, diverse talent pools for each hiring manager. 

Candidate Thought Count: 2

Hear from our successful candidates...


We continue to partner with this global organization to support their marketing recruitment needs in the USA and UK. 

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