Flipside Crypto

Flipside Crypto is a free, open-data platform that is enabling on-demand analytics for blockchains and driving ecosystem growth and retention. Having achieved Series-A funding, the business has now started to develop its marketing team and needed our specialist support to do so.

Our work with Flipside Crypto

Our web3 specialist recruiter, George Western, started working with Flipside Crypto in June 2022. The business was looking to build out the marketing team to support their CMO in the development of marketing plans. So far, we have supported the business on 2 hires... 

  • Director of Marketing
  • Head of Community

Sourcing the right marketing leaders 

Flipside Crypto were searching for a Director of Marketing when we first got in touch. They were searching for someone who would be able to complement their CMO’s skill set. But despite engaging other recruitment agencies, the business was struggling to identify the right talent and so needed our specialist help.

As their CMO comes from an analytical background, the company was searching for a Director of Marketing who is more creative in order to diversify the team’s skill set. It was also important for the successful candidate to have 2-3 years of experience in the blockchain and web3 industry. As the industry is still very new, the number of candidates who fall into this category is small. This is where we come in. George has built an extensive network of web3 industry marketers and so was able to source an excellent candidate for the role.

Candidate Thought Count: 2

Hear from our successful candidates...


Thanks to George’s excellent work, 3Search continues to partner with Flipside Crypto on a retained basis, supporting them with growing and developing their marketing team.

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