Novo success story

Novo is a powerful, yet simple banking platform built to support small businesses and their unique needs. Since launching their invite-only release, freelancers, startup founders, and small business owners alike have been opening business checking accounts in minutes, securely and easily with no minimum balance requirements. 

Our work with Novo

Our specialist product recruiters have worked with Novo since 2023. The business was looking to establish a new product line, focusing on the credit and lending spaceso were hiring a Product Lead to support this growth. 

Why work with a product recruitment agency? 

As they required a new skill set to build this product, Novo had struggled to source the right level of resumes in-house. They decided to engage 3Search for recruitment support when they realized the need for deep specialist knowledge in the sector.  

Owen Dearn, product recruitment consultant, has specialized in this skill set since 2020. His knowledge of the industry and network of product talent is second-to-none. As a result, he was perfectly positioned to support the growing business with their talent search.  

Managing the recruitment process 

Since the Product Lead was a growth hire for the company, Owen needed to help align the business on the job description. Leveraging his knowledge of the skill set, he helped the hiring team agree on the skills they were looking for and a reasonable budget for the hire. 

By keeping in constant contact with the hiring team, they planned the best route to market and pivoted whenever necessary based on business needs and industry developments. 

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Owen is continuing to support Novo as they search for product management talent. 

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