Unbiased success story

Recently launched in the US, Unbiased is a financial wellbeing platform, connecting individuals with financial advisors who can deliver expert advice. They aim to help people confidently navigate life's biggest financial decisions, regardless of their wealth or circumstances. 

Our work with Unbiased

We first started working with Unbiased in 2023 as they began to initiate their American expansion. Having already supported over 10 million customers (about half the population of New York) in the UK, the business saw a gap in the North American market for a financial wellbeing platform.  

To support this expansion, our recruitment consultants have supported on two new hires... 

  • Brand Partnerships Manager (US)

Identifying Unbiased’s first American hire 

Our UK recruitment agency had worked with Unbiased in the search for a Senior Product Manager who would support their global expansion. Having delivered an excellent recruitment experience, the HR team felt confident that our American recruitment business would be able to secure this important first hire. 

As their first hire in the US, Unbiased needed the support of an experienced and well-networked headhunter to support in their search for a Brand Partnerships Manager. 

A niche sales and marketing vacancy 

The job description required a niche set of skills in order to support Unbiased’s growth into this new territory. The Brand Partnerships Manager needed experience in sales and marketing, as well as an understanding of the FinTech ecosystem.  

Principal Recruitment Consultant, Jason Goodwin, was best positioned to deliver on this incredibly niche role. Not only was he able to leverage his network of marketers to find the right candidate for the role, but also advise Unbiased on the right compensation package to offer. As they were new to the region, there was lots to learn about salaries and benefits, but Jason was able to guide them through the whole recruitment process. 

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