3Search provides recruitment solutions for both permanent and fixed term contract roles across all marketing, digital and product roles.


Our staffing solutions

For every role we specialize in, we provide both permanent and fixed-term-contract recruiting solutions. Our teams partner closely with you to source the right headhunting plan for your hiring needs.

Permanent Recruitment

This is the solution you need to build out your team. Whether you’re looking to add staff, replace headcount, or simply employ your first marketer.

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Contract Recruitment

Looking for quick access to specialized knowledge and niche skills? When you need additional assistance with a project, contract professionals are the perfect solution.

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How to work with us

There are three ways that you can work with us. Each option is built to best support different briefs and schedules.


A retained search is ideal for those briefs that require a more thorough search. Engaging us on a retained search means committing a project fee at the start of our relationship. This allows us the resources to conduct processes that are essential for identifying in-demand skillsets and senior leadership roles, such as market mapping and candidate screening.


Do you have a good idea of what you’re looking for in a candidate but not sure how to reach and engage them? A contingent search will give you access to our specialist recruiters’ unparalleled expertise and extensive networks of candidates to identify the perfect fit for your team.


Engaging with us on an exclusive basis allows us to commit more time and resources to your search, creating a more personalized experience for employers and candidates.

Olly is the best recruiter I've ever worked with. He is thorough, thoughtful, and utterly responsive despite time zone differences. I am looking forward to working with Olly from the hiring manager's side to fill open headcount in the near future.
Tina Tang Director of Global Innovation Brand, Marketing & Communications

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