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The hiring process for marketing positions in 2023 will be substantially different from that...

The hiring process for marketing positions in 2023 will be substantially different from that in 2022. Employers prioritized recruiting a high number of candidates in 2021-2022, but now businesses’ attention is increasingly more focused on the caliber of marketing skill sets. 

So, what will marketing recruitment look like this year in New York?  


Why should New York businesses be planning their marketing recruitment for the year? 

The working world has undergone extraordinary changes over the past two years. As businesses competed to attract the very best marketing talent, candidates experienced everything from niche sign-on bonuses to inflated salaries. 

We're now seeing the employment market begin to return to normality, with LinkedIn reporting that hiring rates have slowed by 13% between September 2021 and September 2022 in the US. As a result of this change, we expect to see salaries begin to flat line in 2023. Where we saw salaries experience unsustainable growth over the past two years, we predict that they will begin to return to normality over the next year. 

New York employers should take the time to assess their marketing recruitment efforts and needs at the start of the year. We suggest that employers plan what skill sets they need to build a successful marketing team and set the right budgets they need to secure top talent. 


Find out what New York employers should be offering top marketing talent by downloading our marketing salary guide here... 


Our marketing salary guide covers bonuses and permanent salary brackets for a wide range of marketing roles, from Marketing Associate all the way through to VP of Marketing. 

To receive more personalized advice about your organization’s marketing employment needs, get in touch with Oliver Amos, our expert marketing employment consultant. You can contact him at oliver@3search.io  


What salaries are marketing professionals asking for in New York? 

While salary isn’t the only significant consideration for candidates looking for a new marketing vacancy in 2023, compensation is becoming more important in the present economic climate where 2 in 5 US employees are having difficulty meeting basic needs. Because of this, many marketers are reevaluating their current wage, considering the potential of a pay increase or bonus and, if they do not receive the compensation they require, they consider moving. 

With the implementation of the Salary Transparency Law, New York employers will need to understand salary expectations more carefully in 2023. This law makes it easier for professionals to compare their earnings with what is available on the market. In order to retain employees, it will be more important than ever before for employees to ensure that they’re regularly benchmarking salaries across marketing and product roles. 


Read our full New York hiring report 

Looking for more advice about attracting, retaining and recruiting top marketing and product talent in 2023, check out our full report, “How to Hire in New York: What marketing and recruitment will look like in 2023”.  

The full report intends to assist New York organizations with their 2023 employment plans across every digital skill set, from digital marketing to social media & content, from demand generation marketing to product management. This report includes everything from the skill sets that employers should be prioritizing, to the compensation packages that New York employers should offer in order to attract and retain marketing and product talent. 


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