How to hire Digital Marketers in New York

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The process of hiring for digital marketers is going to be drastically different in 2023 com...

The process of hiring for digital marketers is going to be drastically different in 2023 compared to last year. Where employers previously focused on hiring a large number of digital marketing professionals, priorities have now shifted towards the quality of skill sets.   

So, what should New York businesses be doing to hire and retain Digital Marketers in 2023?  


How to strategize digital marketing recruitment 

The past two years have had a significant impact on the working world. The digital marketing skills gap has continued to widen as a result of increased remote working, resulting in even smaller candidate pools and more competitive hiring processes. As a result, employers are looking to pay more for specialized and experienced digital marketers. 

Despite this, we expect to see salaries beginning to flat line in 2023 as hiring rates return to normalized levels. LinkedIn have reported that hiring rates slowed by 13% between September 2021 and September 2022 in the US – the first sign of the employment market settling down post-pandemic. 

With so much change, New York companies should take the time to assess their digital marketing recruitment plans in the first quarter of the year. We suggest that employers plan what skill sets they need to build a successful digital marketing team and set the right budgets they need to secure top talent. 


Download our digital marketing salary guide here to find out what New York employers should be offering digital marketers... 



Our digital marketing salary guide covers bonuses and permanent salary brackets for a wide range of digital marketing roles, from Digital Marketing Assistant all the way through to VP of Digital Marketing. 

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What pay are digital marketers asking for in New York? 

Even though income isn’t the only key factor digital marketing candidates searching for a new position, it is growing more crucial given the current economic climate. As a result, many digital marketers are reassessing their existing income, taking into account the possibility of a pay raise or bonus, and if they do not obtain the remuneration they need, considering finding a new opportunity. 

Due to the introduction of the Salary Transparency Law, New York-based companies will need to regularly stay up to date with salaries. It's now easier for Digital Marketers to research what they are being paid and compare it against their peers’ income. As a result, it is more crucial than ever before for employers to frequently compare compensation across marketing roles in order to retain existing staff and beat the competition for future talent. 


Read our full New York hiring report 

Looking for more advice about attracting, retaining and recruiting top marketing and product talent in 2023, check out our full report, “How to Hire in New York: What marketing and recruitment will look like in 2023”.  

The full report intends to assist New York organizations with their 2023 employment plans across every digital skill set, from digital marketing to social media & content, from demand generation marketing to product management.

This report includes everything from the skill sets that employers should be prioritizing, to the compensation packages that New York employers should offer in order to attract and retain marketing and product talent. 


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