How to recruit New York social media and content experts in 2023

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The hiring process for social media and content specialists will be very different in 2023 c...

The hiring process for social media and content specialists will be very different in 2023 compared to what it was last year. Instead of employing a large number of social media and content professionals, businesses are instead more concerned with building strong, successful teams. 

As a result, a lot of New York organizations are reassessing their recruitment and retention plans. 


Planning social media and content recruitment for 2023 

The working environment has changed significantly during the last two years. Plus, with the release of new social media platforms and the ever-rising demand for influencer marketing strategies, social media and content experts are highly sought after. 

Despite the significant demand for social media and content skill sets, we predict that salaries will begin to stabilize in 2023. According to LinkedIn, hiring rates slowed by 13% between September 2021 and September 2022 in the US. 

Therefore, in the first quarter of the year, businesses in New York should take the time to assess their social media and content recruitment efforts. We suggest that companies build a plan for the skill sets required for an effective marketing team and allocate the right budgets to find the top social media and content marketing candidates. 


View our social and content salary guide to understand what New York employers should be offering content marketers... 

Our social and content salary guide covers bonuses and permanent salary brackets for a wide range of social media and content marketing roles, from Copywriter all the way through to Community Manager. 

To receive more personalized advice about your organization’s social media and content employment needs, get in touch with Oliver Amos, our expert digital marketing employment consultant. You can contact him at 


What should employers in New York be paying for Social Media and Content Marketers? 

Given the current economic climate, compensation is becoming more crucial for marketers. Although it isn’t the only important factor to take into account, it is becoming more important. This has caused many social media and content marketers to reevaluate their current compensation packages, assess the possibility of a pay raise or bonus, and, if they do not receive the money they need, start their job search. 

The Salary Transparency Law has altered how New York firms think about pay. Because salary information is now more easily accessible, marketers can research their pay and compare it to the industry standard.

Companies will need to keep track of wage adjustments on a frequent basis and routinely benchmark and review their compensation plans. Otherwise, it will be challenging to keep employees on board and compete with other businesses for future hires. 


Read our full New York hiring report 

Looking for more advice about attracting, retaining and recruiting top marketing and product talent in 2023, check out our full report, “How to Hire in New York: What marketing and recruitment will look like in 2023”.  

The full report intends to assist New York organizations with their 2023 employment plans across every digital skill set, from digital marketing to social media & content, from demand generation marketing to product management. This report includes everything from the skill sets that employers should be prioritizing, to the compensation packages that New York employers should offer in order to attract and retain marketing and product talent. 



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