HungerRush success story

HungerRush are driving the transition from the POS terminal of the past to the integrated POS system of the future. Their product, HungerRush 360 Restaurant Experience, gives restaurants and chains a 360-degree view of everything they need to succeed, from the guests being served to the operations and employees serving them. 

Our work with HungerRush

We first started working with HungerRush in August of 2023, when they needed specialist product recruitment support. In that time, our specialist headhunters have supported on two roles: 

  • Senior Product Manager
  • Director of Product

Specialist product recruitment support 

HungerRush were looking to introduce two niche product roles to the business, with very specific candidate requirements. This meant that their internal recruitment team and external talent partners had been struggling to find the right caliber of talent for these product vacancies. They required a deeper, more specialist talent search. 

That's where our product recruitment specialist, Owen Dearn, was able to help. Owen has a deep knowledge and network of Product Managers and so was best equipped to support this tricky search.  


An efficient recruitment solution 

To provide the most efficient recruitment solution, 3Search was engaged exclusively by HungerRush. This allowed Owen to focus on the talent search and find the right Product Manager in just two weeks – a much faster service compared to the three-month average they had been working with. 

Owen achieved such a quick turnaround by managing the whole process and knowing both the employer and candidate inside-outHe knew exactly what HungerRush’s preferred candidate was looking for in their next role, so he was able to sell the vacancy to them effectively and ensured HungerRush made an offer they would accept. 

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