Markaaz is a financial wellness platform, headquarted in Austin, Texas with offices based in New York. They provide small businesses with a better way to run their business and improve their financial health in a single Dashboard environment.

Our work with Markaaz

We first began working with Markaaz in 2023 when the business was looking to hire a Director/VP of Product. The role was unfortunately placed on hold at the interview stage, due to a change in strategy. However, the client was impressed by our employment consultants’ excellent customer service.

Partnering closely with the COO and SVP of Product

Markaaz was looking to hire a senior product leader to focus on their small to medium-sized business segment. Our specialist product recruitment consultant, Owen Dearn, had met with the COO and SVP of Product previously in New York to discuss their hiring needs. Following these conversations, they knew that Owen was the right person to partner with on this particular talent search.

An efficient talent search

The talent search took place over four weeks. Owen leveraged his vast network of product professionals in the FinTech industry to build a strong short list of 6-7 candidates. Having taken the time to truly understand the company’s culture and vision, Owen was able to tailor his search and identify top candidates who would be an excellent addition to the team from a culture and skills perspective. From there, they ran an efficient interview process, with three candidates going through to the third stage.

As is the nature of most start-ups, the business had to pivot their business strategy for H2 and have decided to focus on a different area of the organization. This resulted in the VP of Product role being placed on hold. In the meantime, Markaaz are looking to engage one of our candidates on a consulting basis with more plans to fill the role in the future.

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We look forward to working with Markaaz on their future product hires.

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