How to hire in California: What marketing and product recruitment looks like in 2023

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Are your digital, marketing and product teams prepared for 2023? Due to the rapid chang...

Are your digital, marketing and product teams prepared for 2023? 

Due to the rapid changes experienced at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, Californian organizations are taking the time to plan and strategize the structure of their teams in order to adapt. We have created our 2023 Hiring Report in order to help employers attract, retain and recruit top marketing and product professionals. 


Why should California-based companies start planning their employment strategies efforts in 2023? 

Compared to last year the Californian employment market has completely changed. Where last year businesses were primarily focused on scaling as quickly as possible to take advantage of the buoyant market, organizations are now more focused on the quality of skill sets. 

It has never been more important for companies to stay up to date with hiring trends and acquisition and retention strategies. In-demand skill sets and company demands are constantly changing in California. 

Our specialist employment consultants have detailed their insights and forecasts for hiring trends in 2023.

This research covers a wide range of topics, from the skill sets that hiring managers ought to prioritize through to the compensation packages California employers should provide in order to recruit and retain Marketers and Product Managers. 

Receive all of this information and more by downloading our California 2023 Hiring Report: 


 For Californian professionals searching for a new marketing or product position, salary is becoming the deciding factor. 

Salary isn’t the only significant consideration for candidates looking for a new marketing or product job, but it’s becoming more common in the present economic climate where 2 in 5 US employees are having difficulty meeting basic needs. Because of this, many marketing and product professionals are reevaluating their current wage, determining the possibility of a pay increase or bonus and, if they do not obtain the renumeration they need, they will consider moving jobs. 

California employers will need to handle this more carefully in 2023, with the implementation of the Pay Transparency Law.  

The introduction of this law has made it possible for Californian employees to compare their pay to the market average. As a result, it will be more important than ever for employers to make sure that they are regularly staying up to date with salary fluctuations in order to retain staff. 

This report includes up to date information on salaries and bonuses in order to assist California businesses with their 2023 employment plans. The expected pay ranges and benefits for every marketing and product skill set are included in this report, alongside information about how the new Salary Transparency Law will impact hiring and retention strategies.  


How we assist California companies with their marketing and product hiring strategies 

In 2022, we expanded our team by 75%, meaning that we’re better prepared than ever before to support businesses and candidates with their searches. By adding some true employment experts, we have expanded our talent-sourcing options whilst also growing our pre-existing recruitment teams. 

Owen Dearn has joined 3Search to grow and develop our product management recruitment team, while Jason Goodwin has joined the team to specialize in product marketing recruitment. With the product skill set becoming increasingly important to the profitability of businesses of all shapes and sizes in America, investing in our knowledge of the product skill set allows us to further support our clients with all of their digital recruitment requirements.   

Plus, for web3 companies, George Western has joined the team in order to support these fast-growth organizations with their marketing recruitment needs. He has already partnered with a number of exciting up and coming web3 companies to build out their marketing teams. 


Need further support? Talk to our team of employment consultants 

3Search is a specialized employment agency that helps businesses with their attraction, recruitment and retention efforts. Our team of employment consultants are specialists in marketing and product recruitment, providing seamless, efficient hiring processes for companies across America. 

There is no standardized approach to recruitment, so be sure to get in touch for more personalized support with your recruitment planning for the year ahead. 


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